With my current thing for choosing song titles for my blog entries, there were a number of titles I could have choosen from…”Anywhere But Here” by The Ataris, “Black Box” by This Beautiful Republic, “Are We There Yet?” by The Ataris, etc. but I felt the most appropriate given my joy was “Texas” by Point 5 Covenant.

Today has been an exceptional good day. ALthough there was a hiccup when I remembered that I probably should take the paper coverings off my windows, and then I discovered that some of the tape (that I had chosen because it wasn’t supposed to live a mark behind) had decided to stay on the windows and the duct tape that I had used decided to separate from the stickiness. So my fingers hurt from scrapping and pulling as much of the tape off as possible. I was told that the new teacher was supposed to take my apartment, so I let stuff for him, at the very last minute I was told that he actually already has a place…so whoever moves in will get some free stuff.

Im Hyeon, one of the bojangnims at my school, and one of the 6th grade homeroom teachers came this morning to take me to lunch and then to the airport limousine bus, which was really thoughtful of them. And I greatly appreciated it. We went to lunch at the place that I had my good-bye lunch with the principal and the vice-principals. It was good but I had actually wanted something simpler like soondubu, but I’m not going to say no to free food.

We drove around Lotteworld and the Lotte Hotel looking for the airport limousine spot only to miss it by literally a minute, so I (we) had to wait for about twenty-minutes, which wasn’t a big deal because I had allotted two and a half  hours for travel and three hours to wait in the check-in line. And sadly I was 1,000won short, but they gave me, because I have no clue when I’ll be able (as in be in Korea) to pay them back. It took about 80 minutes to get to the airport, I, like I usually do, slept through three-quarters of the bus ride.

I was shocked when I got to the airport, usually when I go through Incheon, there is a line a mile long at least at every Korean Air desk, but today, I was talking to a check-in clerk the minute I could navigate through the lines. Sadly with all the boxes I sent I was a little more than a kilo over in each bag, and for whatever reason the lady was nice enough to waive the fee. I didn’t really hear her, so I was telling her that this stuff in both my checked bags was pretty much a culmination of two and a half years in Korea and I moving back permanently to the States, please don’t fine. When I finished I noticed that she was staring at me like the goober that I am and repeated that this time she would let me go, but next time it’s 23kg per bag, 46kg total or it’s a fine. The she had a stunned look on her face as I thanked her.

As I was getting ready to go through security, I hear someone yell ‘hey’ at me…it’s Milton Kim right in front of me. We go through, no big deal, until I go through immigration control. I renewed my F4 visa about 2 months ago and apparently not all the computers in Korea got the message, so the immigration officer was telling me that I had overstayed my visa, which is a big no-no in any country. So I had to go to the airport immigration office, where thankfully that computer knew that I was legally in the country, the guy supposedly updated all the airport computers that I was legal to come and go in Korea as I choose for basically the next three years.

Then it was on to Gloria Jean’s for my pre-flight ritual of some chocolate drink. Then in wireless area to do some last minute blogging and e-mail checking before my flight.

Wacky English note: apparently Praha is the English name for Prague, at least according to the TV screen in the wireless lounge.

My next blog entry will be in Texas!!! Very, very happy. ^^


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