“The Uncomfortable Truth”

When I decided to get my CELTA, I knew that it really wasn’t going to be applicable in the States, but I wanted to see the world and build up a resume and a way that would guarentee me opportunities to experience the world and other cultures.

I like to live and experience life there in that country, which I have been blessed to have lived for two months or longer in Ireland, Slovakia and Korea. I’ve also thanks to my CELTA, I’ve been able to see and visit England, Scotland, Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia, Russia, and I’ll toss in Japan, all though it’s lowlight on the list.

So now that I’ve decided to move back to the States it gets to be quite frustrating and paperwork intensive. I’m applying for a private school district and they are wanting me to get my CELTA evaluated on the basis that it may qualify me to be able to teach in a particular class (which once I saw the paperwork that made the HR rep feel this way, I see more where she’s coming from). So in addition to my on-going e-mail conversations with the HR person from the school district and with the teachers program, I’m adding one more with the overseas transcript evaluation service.

The evaluation service kept on giving me new papers that are needed for the evaluation, which of course I had to ask my old instructor at IH Dublin for. With the last bit of papers that I was told that I needed, I sent a note saying that I was sorry that the Americans need so much paper and verification. My instructor sent the files and a reply basically saying ‘here’s the paperwork that you need, if the service needs anything else refer them to this website, and you may want to mention that your CELTA came from a little place known at The University of Cambridge, it should be known in the States.’

That was a great comment. It definitely goes down in my book as one of the best I’ve ever heard.


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