“My Life Would Suck Without You”

The last couple of years I’ve had small ephinanies here and there, which also means that I’ve grown up and matured here and there, and each one, without sounding too kooky, happened where it was supposed to happen.

Lately, as in the last couple of years, I’ve been redefining what friendship is, what I’m willing to give, what I’m willing to put up with, what is basically a deal breaker. And along the way, recently, I realized that I’m so focused on the wrong things, I should instead focus on the positives, like the blessings that are my friends. Sure I’ve kicked myself more than once, extremely hard, for spending time and energy on people that in the end really didn’t want it or really deserve it, but there’s also a lot of people who spent lots of time and energy on me, listening to me, praying for me. And to the ones that I really leaned on hard this year, I came to realize that I took them for granted. So I did what any responsible person would do, I thanked them.

Today was an amazing day of turning my thinking around and there were some amazing thoughts and events.

I’ve been having a truly frustrating time trying to apply for this private school district, then the HR person wrote me, the reason that they’re pushing for me to do the evaluation for my CELTA is because from the sounds of it, it could qualify as an equivalent of a limited teaching certificate, which means that I could start applying for next year’s open positions now and not have so much pressure to depend on passing all my tests and the teachers program.

Then one of my old high school teachers wrote me asking was I in the States yet, because there’s an open long-term substitute teaching position that she wanted to recommend me for. And even though I’m not a chemistry genius and my IPC knowledge is pretty rusty, the school’s VP is willing to overlook it. So I have to schedule an interview ASAP. I was (unhappily) prepared to not work for six months, which completely goes against my principles of ‘no worki, no eati.’ Regardless if I get  the job or not, both job related happenings make me happy because I feel that I will get a full-time position for the upcoming academic year, either in the public schools or in the private schools system.

I’m just thankful for all the good things that are in my life and have been in my life, that I’ve woken up to and actually seen the rainbow in the middle of the forest, now that I’m not so distracted. ^^

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