“Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked”

Reason 17,839,048 why I dislike packing…whatever stressful can happen will happen.

1. I’m going to the airport blind, my bags are somewhere around 23kgs, but I’m afraid they’re a bit high. I’ve already sent an emergency 6.5kg box because I freaked out Wednesday night and then in hindsight I should have added all my sweaters to that box and that would take at least a kilo out of my luggage.

2. I don’t have a phone, so if you want to contact me, even if you’re in Korea, you have to e-mail me or send me something on FB.

3. Guess who the new 6th grade bojangnim is going to be….that’s right Kim Yu Yeong. The woman that’s made my life miserable, hit me, tried to hit me with her car, made continuous racist remarks against me for being a kyopo. Not to mention that she was a habitual liar. Oh and whenever someone asked her for information, she lied to them about what was needed, when it was needed, who it needed to go to, etc. so that they would look bad and she could lie and say that she tried to help them. So she’s now in charge of all the 6th grade teachers, she’s in charge of disseminating information to the other teachers and the students.

4. The English bojangnim went to a teachers conference on how to work with your NSET, and the one thing that she remembered from the whole conference that male NSETs have the reputation to sleep with their younger Korean co-teachers. And there’s supposed to be a young (possibly) white, male teacher to replace me, and she was upset and asking why would I request a male teacher to replace me. When I reminded her what I was put through this year because of the school’s reluctance to deal with Yu Yeong, as well as their quiet condoning of her behavior, and her racism towards me as a kyopo and for being a female teacher 5 years younger than her with a better contract. So the last thing I want on my soul is that I could have said something to SMOE about not having anyone that’s a kyopo and/or female follow me into such a bad situation. I think in a sense the lack of action/reaction on her part and the school’s as well, really set in, along with the fact that I’ve made life easy for them, if they couldn’t speak to me in English, everyone could speak to me in Korean and towards the end of the year, I could (slowly) read papers sent to me in Korean. There’s a reallly good chance that won’t be the case next year.

5. I closed my bank account today and promptly lost over 1,000,000 won/$1,000 in the exchange rate.

6. I’m trying to apply to work with the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston in one of their schools, and every time I get a new e-mail for the HR person, I find out I need to send her another paper and now I need to pay almost $200 (of my not really there money) for an evaluation that may say that my CELTA is usable in the States (but I pretty much doubt it, I checked before I got it) in a limited capacity. I feel that I’m spending more money on getting certified and applying for jobs that I’ll make in the first quarter of my career as a certified public school teacher.

7. While I was half asleep, I walked my face straight into the open door of my medical cabinet, so now my lip is a bit big and bruised.


One response to ““Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked”

  1. 1) Always makes me nervous.
    2) Not having a phone is only nice when you’re on vacation.
    4) Good for you!
    5) I don’t even HAVE $1,000 to my name at the moment.
    6) This is something that freaks me out about possibly moving out of state in the future: I SUCK AT PAPERWORK.
    7) Whenever I accidentally hit my face, nothing happens on the outside, but I almost always end up biting my mouth from the inside, which, imo, sucks more, bc then everything you eat makes you hurt.

    8) I’m excited you’re coming home, though. 🙂

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