“Sunday Best”

Since today was the last full Sunday that I would be in Seoul, I decided to do what I love and enjoy doing. Go to Myeong Dong Cathedral and listen to Fr. Dennis give a meaningful homily, filled with advice, testimony, real-world applications, and a joke here nd there (at least they’re funny to the native speakers in the parish.). Then walk to Samcheongdong for hot chocolate and a meal, although I was starved this morning so I went first for sujebi at my favorite sujebi place in Seoul, Kal-guk-soo, it’s more of a greasy spoon than anything, but no one else’s sujebi comes close to the sujebi here and the kimchi is absolutely delicious.

kimchi and sujebi...yummy 🙂

Then it was on to Nono Cafe, I’d been there before and I knew that they served honey bread. Apparently honey bread is the new thing in Korea, a couple of years ago it was roti buns (which are delicious when fresh and hot and as they cool down, they become rather gross), now it’s apparently honey bread. But of course when I want to have some, almost all the cafes are still closed. I was a bit disappointed, because it was basically a huge slab of bread (about twice the thickness of Texas toast) lightly toasted, heavily buttered on one side, topped off with drizzles of caramel and cinnamon dust, and ice cream on the side. It was one of those things, that I felt that I could have made at home, much more to my liking.

honey bread at Nono Cafe

I went to the Folk museum and saw the special exhibit on the year of the tiger in Korean culture, which had some interesting facts that I didn’t know, the tiger is the protector of the western winds, drawings/paintings of tigers have been a large part of Korean culture for a much longer time than I thought, and I saw an exorcism of the tiger, quite an experience. Afterwards I walked around the Jongo area for a while, saw some parts of Cheonggyecheon that still had some left over snow, cute kids running all around, just plain enjoying my Sunday.


One response to ““Sunday Best”

  1. connie & christene’s grandparents own (owned?) a bakery that sold filipino pastries & breads, and they had this long roll called Spanish bread. for the life of me, i can’t figure out why it was SO FREAKING GOOD, as it was pretty much just bread w/ some honey on the bottom, but i still have to restrain myself when i come across them.

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