I regularly check for new places in Seoul to eat at and recently there was a group get-together at an Italian place in the Apjujeong area called Lugo’s. The main reason that it caught my attention was that they served fresh homemade mozzerella as an antipasti. Fresh, homemade right before it comes to your table, count me in.

So as the ‘good-bye Korea tour’ continues, I suggested to a friend of mine and his girlfriend that we try out Lugo’s. Of everyone that I know in Korea, he’s the most likely to be willing to try something new and different. After much deliberation and deciding, we shared a plate of mozzerella bars with julienned pickled peppers, wild mushroom pizza, and spagetti bologense.

fresh-made mozzerella served with pickled peppers 🙂

wild mushroom pizza

spagetti bologense

And there was fresh bread that came with a white bean hummus-like dip, marinara sauce, and extra virgin olive withi balasamic vinager.

there's nothing better than fresh baked bread and delicious dips than free bread and delicious dips 😉

One of the cutest things in the menu was one of the food descriptions, I forgot to photograph it, sorry, that was completely in Italian until the very last word which was ‘shower’ which I assume referred to the parmesano being showered on top of everything.

The entire meal was about 66,000won for all three of us, which was less than I thought we were going to pay and less than what I would have paid for that meal. It was one of the best, if not the best, Italian meal that I have had in Korea. (Even the pasta was actually al dente).

Get off at the Gangnam-gu Office subway station, leave out of Exit 4. You want to turn right on the corner behind the subway exit (as soon as you exit the subway, turn 180 and walk straight, if that makes more sense). At the bus stop, you can take any of the buses, you only need to ride for two stops. At the Nanta theater, go right and turn left at the corner. Walk straight for about  5 minutes it’ll be on your right side, past the Butterfingers and across from Tribeca.


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