Mardi Gras

Today is Mardi Gras or ‘Fat Tuesday,’ the day of excess before the holiest part of the Catholic year, Lent, begins. I’m not really a fan of beads and the other things that the parades are known for, but rather the day of really good food, so good that at the end of the day you’re so stuffed, like the feeling you have after Thanksgiving dinner.

For some unknown reason I had a craving for Indian food, so last night I looked up Indian restaurants nearby my apartment, I’m just too lazy right now to go to the other end of the world for food. So I was planning on going to Ganga Indian restaurant, however the map that I saw online was of the wrong station, it actually wasn’t anywhere near Gangnam station. So I wandered around and happened to stumble across BaBaIndia, which is has nicely decorated interior, a complete contrast to the plain outside, which is just a sign.

the interior of BabaIndian Restaurant

I had the Lunch C Set, which was a lot of food for 22,000 won. Overall the food was good, nice with enough spice, but it wasn’t as good as Manokamana Restaurant. It comes with curry-spiced pumpkin soup (with odd cheese bits mixed in), an appetizer plate, a salad with overly sweet pineapple dressing, a plain lassi, two pieces of naan, and lamb curry.

Lunch Set C at BabaIndian

Afterwards, I went to il Cacao for a hot chocolate and some chocolates, but the guy who worked there I think was new and had no idea what to do, because he couldn’t find the correct top for the cup, nor could he find the paper heat protector that fit the cup correctly. So I asked him to find me some tape to kinda make the heat protecter thing kinda fit, but I still spilled some chocolate on me. 😦 All in all it’s been a good  Mardi Gras.


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