Italy House

If you’ve read previous entries, I’ve made the change to eating organically and healthier. So when I was walking around I was a bit surprised and happy to see that there was an organic cafe basically around the corner from my apartment. But I kept on putting it out in my haste to catch the subway to go to Samcheongdong, or some other place.

So I decided that I should take advantage of the cafe just around the corner from my house and I was completely disappointed.

(I know that organic is somewhat of a catch-phrase in America, it seems like every other interview, editorial, opinion, etc. the word ‘organic’ finds it way in. But I figured when used in the context of food, organic is organic, no one would deviate from an organic product and still call it organic.)

Everything that I saw, from the milk to the chocolate to the food, none of  it was organic. The milk (Seoul Milk) and the chocolate (Ghirardelli) were the same exact brands that every other coffee shop in Korea uses, which isn’t organic at all. The cakes which you ordered and then one of the workers rushed out and several minutes reappear with the requested cake, was suspect given in ‘inorganic’ nature of the drinks.

All in all, it was a sad waste of money, an ice chocolate was about 8,000 won, since you could get a really nice chocolate drink made from melted Belguim chocolate at Leonidas for 5,000 won. I definitely will not be returning there while I’m here in Korea.

One response to “Italy House

  1. What a shame! At least you’ll be home soon enough and have access to lots of fresh produce and real organic products.

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