Soundtrack to My Life, iTunes version

The Soundtrack to My Life, the iTunes version

Opening credits:
“Oblivion” – 30 Seconds to Mars

Waking up:
“OAM’s Blues” – Worlds

First Day of School:
“Cool Relax” – Jon B.

First kiss:
“Eastern Hymn” – David Crowder Band

Falling in Love:
“So Deep In Love” – Joel Auge 

Fight song:
“Fumble” – Sen Dog 

Breaking Up:
“Cheon-saeng-yeon-boun” – Brand New Day

High School:
“O Holy Night” – Weezer

“Can Anyone Really Love Young” – The Higher

“Just Ain’t Gonna Work” – Mayer Hawthorne

Study Abroad:
“Don’t Stand Too Close To Me (Young Girl)” – Glee Cast

That one drunk night:
“Soar” – Christina Aguilera

“Baby You Are” – Uncle Sam

Mental Breakdown:
“High Voltage” – Linkin Park

Walking Down the Street:
“What Child Is This?” – Michael W. Smith

How your wife/husband/significant other feels about you:
“Keep Talking” – D12 

“Cupid” – Solo

“Summer” – Vivaldi

Getting back together:
“Pushing Me Away” – Linkin Park

First job:
“The Yard Sale” – Scotland Yard

“So-nyeo-reul Manada” – Jo GyouJin

Birth of a child:
“Fire” – 2NE1 

“Run Away” – Point 5 Covenant

“First Snow” – Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Final battle:
“Something There” – Paige O’Hara

Death scene:
“For Once In My Life” – Harry Connick Jr.

Funeral song:
“A Rose Is Still A Rose” – Aretha Franklin

I think that I like the iPod version better than the iTunes version, more of the songs seemed more appropriate than the ones on this list. Oh well, if I get bored in my two hours of work tomorrow, I can do it again. ^^


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