Soundtrack to My Life, iPod version

Here’s how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that’s playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don’t lie and try to pretend you’re cool…

But since I only have my iPod with me here at school, here is the iPod version of my life. ^^

Opening credits:
“Eileen” – The Hush Sound

Waking up:
“Nutcracker, Op. 71, Act II: Russian Dance” – Tchaikovsky/Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra

First Day of School:
“Shoot the Messenger” – Catatonia

First kiss:
“Sing Like the Saved” – David Crowder Band

Falling in Love:
“Adagio Lamentoso”

Fight song:
“Obsession” –  David Crowder Band

Breaking Up:
“Sleep” – My Chemical Romance

High School:
“Summertime” – Laurent Korcia

“Certainly (Flipped It)” – Erykah Badu

“Thank You In Advance” – Boyz II Men

Study Abroad:
“The Girl is Mine” – Michael Jackson

That one drunk night:
“Shadows” – David Crowder Band

“Stay With You Tonight” – This Beautiful Republic

Mental Breakdown:
“The Who’s Who Of My Youth” – Mechanical Boy

Walking Down the Street:
“Fortunate Son” – Lyle Workman & The Forest Rangers

How your wife/husband/significant other feels about you:
“How He Loves Me” – David Crowder Band

“Beautiful Is Gone” – The Ruse

“Evil Angel” – Breaking Benjamin

Getting back together:
“Motownphilly (Remix Radion Version)” – Boyz II Men

First job:
“Kyeol-guk Leo-ya” – Wax

“Did You Feel The Mountain Tremble” – Matt Redman

Birth of a child:
“Hope” – Seven Sorrows

“I Don’t Care” – 2NE1

“There Could Be Nothing After This” – Underoath

Final battle:
“Are You With Me?” – Vaux

Death scene:
“If Your Girl Only Knew” – Aaliyah

Funeral song:
“Welcome to My Life” – Simple Plan


3 responses to “Soundtrack to My Life, iPod version

  1. I love your birth of a child song – “Hope.” Beautiful.

  2. baikeunsook

    It’s one of the more appropriate songs for the life event, unlike the song for the first kiss.

  3. Opening credits: “Like An Escalade (Locked and Loaded)” Righteous B

    Waking up: “Si, mi chiamano Mimi” La Bohemme

    First Day of School: “Chocolate” Snow Patrol

    First kiss: “You Ain’t Got Nuthin” Lil Wayne ft Juelz

    Falling in Love: “Pickin’ It Up” Hot Hot Heat

    Fight song: “Vivd Youth” Pastels & Tenniscoats

    Breaking Up: “Pour Me In” Ari Hest

    High School: “Cold Water” Damien Rice

    Prom: “Lost & Weary” TheLastPlaceYouLook

    College: “From Crib To Coffin” Emery

    Study Abroad: “The Youth” MGMT

    That one drunk night: “Harder To Breathe (The Cool Kids Remix)” Maroon5 feat. The Cool Kids

    Life: “Finders Keepers” You Me At Six

    Mental Breakdown: “Holiday” Weezer

    Walking Down the Street: “Adoro Te, O Panis” Catholic Latin Classic

    How your wife/husband/significant other feels about you: “Only Human” Jason Mraz

    Driving: “Forever” Third Day

    Flashback: “Free Me” Joss Stone

    Getting back together: “10 Dollar” M.I.A.

    First job: “Strange Condition” Pete Yorn

    Wedding: “4 Page Letter” Aaliyah

    Birth of a child: “Fluorescent Half Dome” Dirty Projectors

    Vacation: “A Fighting Word” As Tall As Lions

    Retirement: “Beat It” Michael Jackson

    Final battle: “Take Me Anywhere” Tegan & Sara

    Death scene: “Take A Bow” Muse

    Funeral song: “Like It Or Not” Architecture In Helsinki

    Wow, I actually think a lot of them make sense…

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