Good-bye and Good Year

As my days as the Native Speaking English Teacher at Singa Elementary come to a close, Principal Yu, Vice Principal Yoon, and Vice Principal Jung wanted to have a “special” lunch with me to say good-bye. I figured that we would head across the street for another round of fish stomach soup, but instead we headed to Daegung Restaurant, a traditional sit-down Korean restaurant not too far from Singa.

We started with hobak juk (pumpkin porridge) and mool kimchi (water kim-chi). Then chap-jae, vegetarian spring rolls, salad, and some kind of fish in a vinegar chili sauce. Next, it was pa jeon (green onion pancake that were spiced with a bit of mustard), roasted pumpkin dressed with juliened squash dressed with honey, and pork short ribs. After was blackened fish with the typical sides (kimchi, greens, roots, etc.), rice, and rice soup. We finished the meal with a fruit tea. I was too embarassed/shy to take pictures of the food in front of the Principal and the VPs.

my gifts from Principal Yu, Vice Principal Yoon, and Vice Principal Jung

They gave me a huge box of ddeok, which I gave most of it away(and yes, I tried to make good on my New Years Resolution and I have Kim Yoo Young one even as she was pretending that I wasn’t), because there’s no way that I can eat that entire box by myself before it goes bad; a box of Lotte chocolates; Korean cutesy air freshners/mobile phone chains; and a letter from Principal Yu.

you can never have too much ddeok


3 responses to “Good-bye and Good Year

  1. More ddeok? Noooooo…!! 😉

  2. hahaha. When in Korea, eat enough ddeok to become a solid rice ball, like everyone else. ^^

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