Good-bye Dinner

To celebrate the end of the school year and to say good-bye to the fifteen teachers that have to move to new schools next academic year, we went to a beef shop/barbeque restaurant nearby school.

one last picture with my awesome co-teachers Ji-hye and Min-hui

Earlier I had a bit of an awkward conversation with one of my co-teachers about why I don’t sit with the kyogwasil teachers at school social functions. After I reminded her who everyone makes me sit by at the functions, she just looked at me and said, ‘no one likes Yu Yeong and no one wants to sit by her. You’re so nice so we let you sit by her.” Which is why I generally sit with the 3rd grade homeroom teachers or the 6th grade homeroom teachers. After the teachers’ meeting, my supervisor, Il Hong was telling me to follow her to the restaurant, one of the sixth grade homeroom teachers told her that I was sitting with the 6th grade teachers.

ummm beef and lettuce wraps

Dinner was sweet, the Principal said some nice things about all the leaving teachers. And all the teachers that didn’t know that Iwas leaving, now know. So there were a lot of teachers who stopped me to say good-bye and wanted me to stay at Singa at least another year. One of the third grade homeroom teachers said that she was sad that I was leaving because she wanted to have a strong friendship with me but now that I’m leaving she regrets not working as hard to build a relationship with me this year.

spicy buckwheat noodles in a shot glass because we ran out of clean plates to share food

Thankfully, I was allowed to skip the drunk teachers noraebang fun !!! so it was too bad of a night.

me and my supervisor Il Hong


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