Harry Knox, Go To Your Room

When President Obama ran for the Democratic Party’s presidental nominee and then for the President of the United States, a big part of his platform was that he was going to reach to reach across the isle, bring the country together (which as his previous record shows, he never did, so why did the American public believe that he would do as the President of the United States?).

About nine months ago, one of his appointees, Harry Knox, to the President’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, which basically brings different religious groups together to do community service activities together, made some very anti-Catholic comments. The highlight is that ‘Pope Benedict XVI is killing people in the name of Jesus.’ Recently, he reiterated those same comments and added that recent empirical evidence supporting Pope Benedict is wrong. But it actually isn’t a surprise that Knox said that, given his previous comments about either the Pope, the Catholic Church, or Catholics. So if you have an issue with Knox’s comments like I do, please go to St. Michael Society’s website and sign the petition. Thanks!

If you are trying to bring a growingly divided country together, you cannot have one of your appointees saying that the leader of one organization that has approximately 70 million followers in your country, is ‘killing people in the name of Jesus.’  Nor should you nominate someone who has tried to take away protected tax-exemption status from the Church to try and silence the Church’s anti-abortion status, but that’s a blog for another day. How is this a good, ice-breaking, bringing everyone together good move?

The Catholic Church is the largest (yes, the largest) charitable organization in the world, for example,  Catholic Relief Services, is everywhere in the world, at disaster sites, impoverished areas, etc. Not to mention the innumberable number of education institutions, hospitals, architecture, arts, music, scientific advancements, math genius, writings, philosophy, etc. that the Church and her parishoners have contribuated to the world.

So why is it okay to take potshots at the Church? The antagonists in the book, Jumper, which was turned into a Hollywood movie starring the guy from the Star Wars prequel trilogy, were Muslim/Arab, but for the big screen version, the bad guys became Catholic. Before Pope John Paul II passed away he had to fight, to get not only Catholics but Christians protected in the proposed EU Constitution. Phillip Pullman has written a series directed at CHILDREN demonizing the Church, which is now a play in London’s West End and the first movie was made into a Hollywood movie. Not to mention the Davinci Code books and movies.

If a Catholic said the same things that Harry Knox did about a leader of another religious body, or political group, at the very least the American public would be outraged and calling for something to be done. I mean look at the reaction to Harry Reid’s comments about President Obama, Trent Lott’s comments, and the list continues but I just want to end this blog.

So please sign the petition for the resignation of Harry Knox. Thank you and God bless!

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