A Blast From the Past

It was a bit of shock today to walk into the main office and see Song YeoJin sitting on one of the couches waiting to speak to Principal Yu.

Song YeoJin was my first 3rd and 4th grade co-teacher here at Sinka, until the whole mess of whenever she was ever going to move to the States, etc. She was supposed to work for at least a complete semester at Sinka, including the time after her wedding. But her fiance is in Indiana for whatever reason, I think he’s studying at IU. So they get married and then the wiffle waffle about how long she’s going to teach at Sinka, when would she actually leave if she actually left, etc. And to get prepared to move to the States, she shopped for clothes instead of improving her English (we spoke in Korean because her English was worse than the students). Eventually a date was settled for her last day, but because of the way the Korean system works, her replacement (Kwon Jihye) wasn’t allowed to step on school grounds until Song YeoJin was no longer a teacher at Singa. Which also meant that Jihye couldn’t go to a co-teaching workshop with me or even get to know the school.

So now apparently after about six months in the States, she’s left her husband because she’s “sick” (not sure about the exact, clear translation) and she wanted to see if she could get a job at Sinka for the next year.

The whole situation made me chuckle, in the beginning of my contract, I was moving back to Korea as she was in the process of moving to the States, so now that I’m leaving, she’s trying to come back to Korea (Sinka).

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