I Voted…

I voted and I didn’t even get an ‘I voted’ sticker. Boo!

I was a bit worried that my lovely co-teacher would steal my ballot before I could get to school and retrieve it from the massive mail pile, since she loves to steal my SAC magazine and thank you cards and Christmas cards. But happily someone else picked up my mail and safeguarded it from Kim Yoo Yeong!!!

I forgot how tedious filling in a primary ballot is, especially when there’s more than one person running, compared to the actual election ballot, where I can just check off straight-ticket Republican. And also when you’re doing an overseas ballot, gone are the punch-hole cards, now Texas is a ‘color a box in completely with either blue or black ink’ and fill out a foreign residency card to prove that you are not living in Texas and cannot go to the correct voting area in time to vote, etc. etc. etc.

One thing that shocked me about some of the candidates is that it’s now officially 2010 and many of the candidates didn’t even have a website to explain their positions (and one apparently didn’t even have a phone number that the Texas Law Journal could reach him at for an interview), or any other forms of communication. So basically I voted for the candidate that did have a website or in the case of neither having one, the incumbent. In an age pretty much dominated by the Internet, not having a website (or at this point in time a Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter account) is somewhat political suicide or at least not even attempting to get your name or platform out for the masses to be even exposed to. Sarah Palin is keeping her presidency hopes alive mostly by her FB and twitter accounts.

So by the time I return to Texas, the votes will have been counted and I’ll know who I get to vote for in November. At least I did something productive today.


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