Karen Camp

Karen Camp

As a compromise, I had my “own” one-week English camp (‘Karen Camp’) at Singa Elementary School, mostly because I’m employed by Singa Elementary/SMOE and not by a hagwon, and I should have some control over my teaching materials, especially since I know my own students.

It was a pretty simple week, especially since I was working with Choi Min-hui (!!!), we went over animals, body parts, colors, made books, and no-bake cookies, filled with three different classes, the Rabbit class, all 1st graders who really didn’t speak too much English; the Tiger class, a mixture of second, third, and fourth graders, that ranged a bit; and the Eagle class, all fifth graders who spoke a high level of English.

One of the best things about this camp, in addition to being able to do things that I haven’t been able to do in class, like make a book, complete with writing and drawings, was to concentrate specifically on a student and help them. It was especially great to have one of my shyest third graders come alive a bit and be much more active than she usually is in class; the same goes for my fifth graders, because of a variety of reasons (KYY) they are quiet and withdrawn in class, but at camp they could show their personalities without any fear.

Some highlight photos:

little monster desk name tags for the Rabbit class

Sunny shows off her book, ABCs

yummy chocolate no bake cookies!!!

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