Laurent Korcia

About a month ago, my friend, Ruth mentioned that there was this guy, Laurent Kocia, coming to Korea and she was interested in going, was anyone else interested. So I did the usual, and extremely accurate researching method of looking up him up on wikipedia and youtube, and decided sign me up, I want tickets, he’s an amazing violinist.

Ruth and I met up earlier before the concert to have dinner at Cafe Bellini. I had the mushroom risotto and there was a shocking amount of beef bits…like two pieces in the entire dish.

Mushroom Risotto at Cafe Bellini

The thing that made us laugh was that overt pushing of Laurent Korcia as a sex symbol, practically every promo picture of him has him lounging with a half unbuttoned shirt and his violin is usually nowhere in sight. And randomly during one of the pieces, someone had the oh so brilliant idea to flash his “sexy” promo pictures behind him as he played on.

The concert’s playlist mainly focused on Laurent Korcia’s current album, Cinema, which focuses on some of the greatest/most memorable scores from a variety of movies. The pieces that I really wanted to hear: George Gershwin’s Summertime (which incidently Shauna sang at the House of Sharing for one of the halmonis), Carlos Gardel’s  Por una Cabeza from Scent of a Woman, and Enrico, Vivaldi’s Summer, and Andrea Morricone’s Cinema Paradiso from Cinema Paradiso, were wonderful and worth the price of admission. I really liked the arrangements, the pieces that were picked to be accompanied by a piano, needed to have been accompanied by a piano, the pieces that were accompanied by the accordion were needed to be accompanied by an accordion, and the pieces that were accompanied by the string quartet needed to be accompanied by a string quartet. Funnily, this was one of the few concerts that I’ve been to that there was quite a bit of reluctance to do an encore and the encore was basically a section from one of the pieces that was played earlier.

The accordion, David Richard, was fun and completely your typical French quarky guy. Ruth and I wanted to meet him because he most likely is one of the coolest guys in the world.

There was an annoying older couple sitting next to us that kept on talking during the concert, not random quiet comments inspired by the music, but loud comments about random things that just came to their heads. Several people turned around and glared at them throughout the evening.


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