Please Sign This Petition For the Halmoni

There is a petition from the House of Sharing trying to get one million signatures for the halmoni in their fight for justice. Please take the time to sign the online petition, there is also a petition in English for the non-Korean speakers.

The Korean Council for Women Drafted into Japanese Military Sexual Slavery getting 1 million signatures for their petition calling on the Japanese government to formally acknowledge & apologize for its system of military sexual slavery and give reparations to the survivors.

Here is a link to the English petition:
And a link to the Korean petition:

You fill in your name, e-mail address, city & country. Please take a few moments of your time to show your support for the halmoni! Tell your friends, family & coworkers too!

Together let’s get 1 million signatures


One response to “Please Sign This Petition For the Halmoni

  1. great article!!! I got convinced quite easily!!!

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