The Place

When I feel like having a completely out-of-Korea-but-yet-still-in-Korea food experience, I head to The Place in the Gwanghwamoon area. Why you ask? Because there are days that I simply want to have a salad that isn’t drowned in a mayo-based or sugar-based sauce, that I can get without bacon or fried ham everywhere. So the salad bar at The Place is great!

Yummy...grilled vegetables topped off with balsamic vinegar, caprese salad, capers, smoked salmon, fried chili shrimps (yes, I realize the irony going for a salad and not actually getting a salad)

I went recently and decided to be a bit adventurous and try one of their pizzas. After a bit of staring at the wall menu, which probably took longer than it should have since there are only six pizzas possible, I decided on the apple gorgonzola pizza. I don’t really recommend eating the apple dipping sauce, because it tasted like 75% sugar, 25% apples. 😦

apple gorgonzola pizza with an apple dipping sauce on the side

And of course on a rainy, chilly day, hot chocolate is most definitely appropriate. 🙂

hot chocolate...need I say any more?


One response to “The Place

  1. What camera do you use? It’s just a regular point & shoot digicam, right? I’m looking to upgrade mine, as it’s been danced on, dropped, & kicked (sometimes all in the same night).

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