I met up with my friend Crys earlier this week in Kangnam to hang out and, of course, eating (duh it’s me, hanging out 97% of the time includes some sort of food). While we were quickly catching up, I mentioned that I had never been to Butterfingers, partly because from what I had heard it’s a place you should go to with a friend because there’s at least a 30 minute wait, and since I usually only eat out on the weekends, I never really am into waiting for a seat to eat.

So off we went to Butterfingers. I think because we went on a Tuesday during lunch time, we were able to immediately be seated (!!!). It’s such a funny mishmash of styles: urban industrial lights, retro curved hanging lamps, American diner style tables, 60s egg curved chairs, high bar chairs and tables. The menu is a huge oversized lamenated paper with a seemingly neverending list of food and drinks (although some drinks are only available at certain locations) on both the front and the back.

After a LOT of humming and hawing, I finally decided on the garden omelette that came with fried potatoes and two buttermilk pancakes (with butter and honey). I was a bit shocked by the amount of food that came on the plate:

the Garden Omelette in all its splendor

I only was able to eat the majority of the omelette and the pancakes (they were soooo good, I was a little sad when I realized that I ate all of them, even though I was stuffed to the brim).

DIRECTIONS: Exit out of Exit 6 at the Gangnam subway station. Turn at the corner, after you turn there should be a Body Shop on your left. You should see Butterfingers on your left about in about 5 minutes after the Body Shop.


2 responses to “Butterfingers

  1. It’s big portions but good! I only went once but got the most delicious cinnamon pecan pancake. Oh my!

  2. You went there too late. My favorite waiter quit at the end of December. It’s really not the same without him. ;(

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