il Cacao

il Cacao in Gangnam

As I was walking back to the subway station from my ill-fated attempt to eat at Taco Rico, I spotted this little cafe called il Cacao. I decided even after my big disappointment and frustration, I should treat myself to some chocolate. Was I in for a surprise. Many places in Korea use “French,” “Spanish,” and “Italian” words/phrases to give their store/shop more of a sense of luxuary. However, il Cacao is properly named.

a view of all the delicious chocolate in il Cacao

It’s extremely tiny, there are only three tables on the upstairs balcony, room for eight people total. The downstairs is filled with chocolates of all different types, amounts of cocoa, sizes, etc. The chocolate is a bit pricey: 4 chocolates for 10,000won but they’re so delicious and yummy.

Hot Chocolate Set

I had the Hot Chocolate Set, which for 12,500 won you get real cocoa (like the kind you usually find in Europe) and two pieces of chocolate, your choice. After much deliberation, I decided on a chocolate dusted dark chocolate praline and a white chocolate covered strawberry. The praline was in two words: chocolate sin.

yummy yummy chocolate! You can't really see it but the poster in the background is a man injecting himself with a syringe filled iwth chocolate.

DIRECTIONS: Take exit 8 out of Gangnam station. Walk straight. Turn left at the GS25. Follow the road straight. il Cacao will be on your right after the intersection.

4 responses to “il Cacao

  1. wow, looks a great place 🙂 thx for sharing

  2. Oh, man. I have a feeling that place is probably better than the Chocolate Bar in the Village in Houston.

  3. It was like being in a praline shop in Budapest or Vienna. I’m trying to find someone to go with me, but it’s pricey about $12.50 for the hot chocolate set, but it’s soooo worth it to me. Books. Food. Chocolate. Arts. I’m so expensive.

  4. Hahaha, me toooooooooo. I just bought a ticket to Coachella, so I’m picking up tons of extra shifts @ work… *sigh*

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