Play Day

A favorite day during English camps in Korea is usually the play day or the sports day and Winter Camp at Joongdae Elementary was no different. We had five different games, gutterball, three-legged race, snake race, skipping rope, and volcano.

Monica and I were in charge of volcano, which I love because of the awkward pictures that results from the game as well as the yelling and screaming that the kids do.

Basically the game goes like this: divide the group of kids in half, give each team one less A4 (8.5×11) sheets of paper than the number of kids. For example, if there are six kids on the team, give the team five sheets of paper. They have to get the entire team together from one side of the room to the other by walking on only the sheets of paper. If any part of their foot touches the floor, the team has to start all over again.

Class 4 trying not to fall down into the volcano

an inventive way to make more space during volcano


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