Gungjeon restaurant

After Winter Camp was over, the principal, vice principal, English bojangnim and everyone that worked at the camp went out to eat at the Gungjeon restaurant at the very end of the border between Seoul and Kyeonggido. It’s one of the old fashioned sit down (on the floor) Korean restaurants that continuously bring you food…and I mean continuously. Of course since it was the end of camp, the men decided that it was time to drink a ridiculous amount of makali to celebrate. The food was good, but there wasn’t too much of a theme to the food other than being Korean food or a semblence of a pattern, there was a beef dish followed by two pork dishes followed by a vegetarian dish followed by several fish dishes followed by a beef dish, etc. If you have the time to spare and the money, take a taxi there and enjoy the seemingly endless dishes.

highlights from my lunch at Gungjeon

My favorites were in order above:

  • the food decorations
  • “tortillas” I’ve had this dish before but I can never remember the name, basically you have a small egg-based tortilla-like wrapper and you fill it with various pan-fried vegetables, eggs, and meats (usually beef), top it off with some mustard (horseradish), roll it up and pop it in your mouth.
  • water kimchi…I don’t know why but I do like the vinegary water kimchi, in some ways I think it goes better with meat dishes than the normal baechu kimchi
  • an example of one of my tortillas
  • stuffed prawns
  • “simple” rice dish at the end, which have a large variety of pan-fried roots and delicious baechu kimchi on the side

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