I’m Just Physically Here

Thanks to the Winter Break, part I (at Singa it started December 22nd and goes until the end of January), the less than two weeks of classes during the first two weeks of February, and Winter Break, part II (the last two weeks of February), I don’t really have too much work, three weeks of winter camp, less than two weeks of in-school work, and technically a week of “classroom help,” where I’m supposed to decorate teachers’ classrooms in grammarically correct English if that’s what they want. I’ve gotten out of the classroom help requirement because my only available days were/are before major holidays (Christmas and Seol-lal) or right before a camp, where I’ll have to prep, lots and lots of prep, to get everything to resemble a somewhat organized camp.

So basically asides from all the Winter Camp crap, I’ve pretty much checked out of Korea. I’m physically here, doing all my winter camp requirements, but other than that I’m counting days until I head to Incheon International and back to Texas. I spend a significant time of my websurfing on looking up possible phones and cars, as well as places to apply for substitute teaching positions.

Right now I think the iPhone is the leader as far as phones go, I kind of would like the Nexus One because there’s a flash with the camera, you can take out the battery (which I think gives it a bit longer lifespan), but I have no idea when the Verizon version comes out, which is the main reason to get it because two people that I actually would like to talk to alot have Verizon. Obviously free/unlimited text messaging is a given, preferably free nights and weekends, and it would be a bonus if I could call and receive calls from more people for free without having to get the really expensive plan.

As for cars, I’ve been looking at the Honda Civic (I loved my old Civic) but a Coupe this time (it’s slightly cheaper than the sedan, which is what I used to have), the Honda Fit, and the Kia Forte (I’ve read that Kia has a really great warrenty). Basically with a car, I want something that is affordable, requires little maintence, and will last for a while, preferably for about ten years or so. Right now the Fit is winning the car debate, of course that is being said by me, who knows how to put gas in, check the oil, check the air  in the tires, and wash her car, not really too knowledgeable about cars.

I’m so ready to have a car, not having to run for a bus or a subway, not have to wait for the next one because the one that arrived is too packed, to just have the freedom to go. And it would be nice to not depend on getting the phone message eventually passed along to me.


5 responses to “I’m Just Physically Here

  1. I just got an iPhone for Christmas and love it — never had a nice phone before but it makes life really convenient with the Internet and apps like Pandora to go. 🙂

  2. Dude, I totally have Verizon, and I love the service. Never have a problem. I have an LG Dare, which has a flash w/ the cam, can take video, etc. I got the plan w/ unlimited txt, calls, & internet, and I pay about $80ish/mo.
    I WAS SO THINKING ABOUT GETTING A FIT, TOOOOO!!! My Civic’s still being good to me, though, so I’m not really invested in looking for a new car quite yet, but the ten year mark is fast approaching! Just a couple more years! Crazy! Feels like I just got it…

  3. Also, for some reason, I really liked the bit in this post about “where I’m supposed to decorate teachers’ classrooms in grammatically correct English if that’s what they want.” Lol. No, thanks! I’ll take my English FOB-style anyday! Hahaha. I can say that because I’m Filipino-American. 😀

  4. baikeunsook

    As far as phones go, I’m thinking either an iPhone (AT&T) or a Samsung Omnia II (Verizon).

    Looking at cars and trying to figure out everything is giving me a bit of a headache and expensive. But Zhar, your Civic is nice. I was leaning towards a Civic, but it’s more expensive than a Fit and I would have to get a higher trim model to get the same stuff that the Fit base model has.

  5. i rented a honda fit on a vacation and LOVED it!! it is amazingly roomy, but so small and cute, and easy to maneuver. i like the electric blue one, the best!!

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