Snow Day, Seriously

Since my apartment has big bay windows that face east and I have a studio apartment, my windows are all covered, that and there’s a lumber mill close by that lets the workers look into my bay window, so my windows are covered. As I struggle out of bed in the mornings, I really have no clue what the weather’s like until I turn on my computer. And this morning I was greeted with a FB status from a friend of mine that it was ridiculously snowing…when I looked out my window all I could see was white.

the snow was already up to mid-calf on me and that's before the heavy snowfall of the day

Once again to remind anyone who doesn’t actually know me…I live in Texas…South Texas not too far from the beach, where a cold winter is 11C…which is a nice winter day in Seoul, warm even. So the last itme that I was really in snow was when I lived in Korea as a child. My blood’s thinned out so that I can survive quite nicely in warm, hot, humid climates, which of course doesn’t help me one bit here in Korea.

the way that the snow settled on the plants reminded me of cotton...yes I'm a goober

I lost count of how many times I almost fell down because I had no clue where the curbs were, tripped when I did actually find them, or just being pushed by random Korean women wanting to take up the entire shoveled path, that two normal people can pass each other on, but they want to have the whole area to themselves.

Oh and as I was walking home in snow that was pretty close to my knee, I saw a woman walking around in HEELS, yes, HEELS?!? Korean women and their heels.


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