Kraze Burger

Kraze Burger is a Korean burger chain that’s pretty popular here, quietly competing with McDonalds and Lotteria. As the name suggests, Kraze Burger specializes in what it calls “American” burgers, which to be honest are bit meater than its competitors. But if you wanting a simple cheese, ketchup and mustard burger, maybe with some dill pickles this is not the place for you. Also, it’s a bit pricey, including tax, the burgers range from 8,000 to 10,000 won, without fries, that will cost you another 4,500 won.

The decor tends to be American diner with a bit of pop and cutesy splashed around. It’s always interesting when American music videos are playing silently while Korean music is blaring from somewhere. (SIDENOTE: I only recognized the musicians in two of the five videos that were on yesterday and music videos make absolutely no sense nowadays…I feel old).

inside Kraze Burger at COEX

I had the K.O. Burger, which had balsamic sauce, (a huge slice of) onions, tomatoes,bacon (that I forgot to ask to take off, but they probably would have forgotten anyways),  (half a head of) lettuce, fried jalepeno slices, (half a jar of) maynaise, and of course a beef patty on a “wheat” bun.

K.O. Burger and fixings at Kraze Burger

The more and more I’m in Korea, the more and more that I realize that along with the make-up-gene, the wear-high-heels/stilettos-everywhere gene, and the I-love-pop-music-gene, I did not inherit the massive-amounts-of-mayo-on-everything-gene.

The burger was good, but it took some work (and a ridiculous number of napkins) to scrap as much mayo off as possible so that I could taste as much of the other things as possible.


One response to “Kraze Burger

  1. I know what you mean about feeling old when you try to watch music videos nowadays. Half the time, if I try to tolerate the radio for too long, I have no idea who any of the singers are. I like my music indie, thank you. But even so… I remember when I first started going to indie shows… My first show was Ari Hest @ the Rhythm Room in Houston. I was 18 or 19. I’m 26 now. WHEN DID 8 YEARS PASS?!?!?!

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