My 2009

Since it’s still 1009 at least for the next 42 minutes according to the official time of Korea, I thought I would think back about the last year. A years reflection is always good for the soul, at least to tell you where you’ve been and where you want to go. Because I’m too lazy to make separate lists for highlights and lowlights, in somewhat of a chronological order, my 2009 was this:

  • Having fun at rock shows with Zhar.
  • Eating with Erin, Ruth, and Shauna all around Seoul.
  • Teaching my kids at Singa Elementary, seeing a difference in them, laughing with them, having fun with them.
  • Teaching at Singa with KYY, being almost hit by KYY in her car, being hit by KYY with her desk drawer, being hit by KYY, listening to KYY tell our students not to listen to me and that I’m stupid, having KYY correct my English.
  • Lots of tears. Freaked out both of my priests with how much I’ve cried this year when I’ve talked to them.
  • Making some great new friends.
  • First Round Heroes.
  • Russia. Seeing the Archangel Cathedral. Staring at all the beautiful buildings. Watching a ballet performance in the Mariinsky. Eating delicious food. Fell in love with another country.
  • Hearing that someone thought that I was part Native American and part Korean.
  • Heard that I was a perfect teacher and that my open class was the best that my principal and vice principals have seen in their careers.
  • Had two gorgeous hanboks made. Met Bae Yeong Jin and she picked out my hanbok style and colors.
  • Being able to read a three page camp information sheet in Korean!
  • Christmas at Ruth’s.
  • Being forced to be in a terribly organized winter camp.
  • Freezing my butt off has completely destroyed any romantic notions that I had about snow and winter.
  • Have a plan for the future, 2010 looks great 🙂

4 responses to “My 2009

  1. Here’s to a happy 2010!

  2. christmas at ruth’s made it on the list!!!!! yipppeeee!!! i would have never found tomatillo, indian food, and that roast lamb without you…

  3. I was contemplating making a list like this. I did after I went to Australia. I wish I’d thought to do it when I went to Greece & Israel, though I did keep more of a pen & paper journal then…

  4. baikeunsook

    Uh yeah, Christmas at Ruth’s was great! Yummy food! Lots of laughing! Scattegories and apple cider!

    Zhar, I remember briefly that list!

    For me the thing with pen and paper lists is that I either lose them or they get damaged because of something spilling on them. So this works for me better. So here’s hoping that wordpress is around for a while 🙂

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