Counting Down

It’s less than two months to go until I head to Incheon International for my plane back to the States and yes the countdown has started, as have the list of things that I’m looking forward to. Last winter as I got closer to my “vacation” time back in the States, my list o’things was centered mostly on what food I looked forward. This time my list is centered more on getting back into the flow of things…

  • actually buying a cell phone in the States, I’ve had a cell phones in every country that I’ve lived in, but the US. Crazy, how did that happen…oh yeah I haven’t really lived in the States long enough to justify getting one.
  • being able to drive around wherever I want, whenever I want (although wait for the blog when I have to sit in rush hour traffic).
  • not having to wait for someone to upload Glee, Friday Night Lights, or Sons of Anarchy.
  • going to real rock shows with Zhar.
  • having a variety of Masses that I can attend and a variety of times.
  • not having to pay high prices for international goods.
  • Houston’s year-around arts district.
  • March madness in the States.
  • Latin Mass.
  • daily Mass at times other than 5am.
  • late night chats with friends.
  • sitting in Borders/the public library (if it’s open now) and reading to my heart’s content.
  • boba…yummy.
  • Greek yogart, there’s nothing like it.
  • hanging out in my un-nee’s kitchen.
  • farmer’s markets and Whole Foods (I completely support their CEO – ask Michelle Malkin).

One response to “Counting Down

  1. Hooray! 🙂

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