It’s Almost the End

I have to admit the two days that I had to work this week were sheer torture for me. Not really for any other reason than because for two days I had to sit in my office and have to find things for me to do to keep from being bored out of my mind. And that was mostly because I didn’t have a single class during the week and Min-hui was assigned to be the Singa Winter Camp director, which meant I didn’t have to plan and write all the lesson plans by myself, in fact she’s actually writing most of the lesson plans. My mind was already on Christmas Vacation Time, daydreaming of being able to sleep in (and not having to see KYY unless she’s hogging both sides of the stairwell in our apartment).

It was decided that almost all of the teachers, the vice principals and the principal were going on an overnight trip, to bond and “get ready for the next year.” Everyone forgot to tell me until the very last moment (something that I won’t miss about Korea), which I’m not interested in seeing everyone else drunk off their butts for two days and being stuck with KYY. Everyone assured me that I won’t have to be around KYY, because they didn’t think that she would go. But let’s be serious, she has no friends at the school or in Seoul, she spends every night in her apartment by herself or at COEX by herself, so even if no one talks to her the entire trip, she’ll still be around people, she’s going. I looked at them and asked where would they put the person who doesn’t eat pig meat and speaks better English than Korean…with the Korean teacher that’s the least liked and speaks English??? No one really said denied that would happen, that in a moment of desperation to throw me with KYY so that they could avoid having to be around her. So I obviously didn’t go but I did enjoy a couple of lazy days in my apartment, listening to Christmas music and watching American TV. 🙂

Although I wasn’t expecting a Christmas party, I do find it interesting that for Chuseok, the school didn’t do anything special for its teachers or staff, but it do things for the principal’s 100th day. I mean even SEV did stuff for its teachers to celebrate Chuseok.

And apparently in February I have to have dinner with the vice principals and the principal because they’re going to miss me so much.


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