I’ve been disappointed lately by the movies coming out of Hollywood. It seems that every season the quality goes further down, it’s simply just recycling previous movies or badly “re-inventing” comics and cartoon series. Right now the biggest movie is Avatar. I am not a fan of James Cameron. The only movie that he’s made that I’ve liked is Terminator, and that’s really it. James Cameron movies are not really movies that I want/need to see in the theaters the minute that they come out.

I do agree that the graphics were stunning and that it will re-invent/change how graphics, I thought that the CGI moved much better, much more fluidily than the motion capture techniques that are highlighted in The Christmas Carol (and that the characters were less creepy than in motion capture). And parts of the story were unique and the attention to details, as in hiring a linguist to create a language, showed positively in the movie. For the most part the actors did solid jobs. And the best part/line, ‘I come from the jarhead clan.’

And for the bad: the accents going in and out annoyed me to no end. Sam Worthington, I can’t say that he’s a good/great/bad actor since I’ve only seen him in two films in which his accent was all over the place. And I can’t focus on anything but the fact that his accent is everywhere but where it’s supposed to be. It seems that he can’t say more than two consecutive sentences with an American accent in a calm tone and if you want him to have emotion in his voice, forget it, it’s all Aussie, which would be fine if his character was an Aussie.

It’s obvious that the US Marine Corps didn’t have too much input or help in the movie. Why would they, the movie itself is over two hours of bashing the military and the men and women in the military. You don’t like Iraq (or Afghanistan) fine, but don’t bash the men and women who believe in their country so much that they are willing to die for their life. A movie like this isn’t about being “pro-peace” or “intercultural communication” it comes off more as a bashing of America, American culture, American people, and the American military. Every American citizen has a right to their opinion about the States, the right to express their opinion, I have definitely expressed my opinions about things that I don’t like about America, but I would never say that I bashed America, especially like Avatar does.

I think on some levels this movie annoys me because two years ago, I realized that I was actually still a citizen of the Republic of Korea, but to get a particular visa (F4 for someone of Korean descent but a citizen of another country), I had to sign away my rights as a Korean citizen. That was a painful process for me. I love my homeland and I love the country that I’ve called home for two-thirds of my life, I thoroughly dislike it whenever Korea and America go head to head in some sports competition, I usually hope for a tie, even when it’s not possible. I have friends around the world that would give anything to legally have a US passport or greencard, that every year apply for the greencard lottery and look for ways to be more “attractive” in the visa application process. I also come from Texas, which is a military state, so many of my male friends are in one of the branches of the military (mostly Army and the Marine Corps). And so it hurts to watch movies or hear Hollywood actors downing the States or the military.

I had higher hopes for Avatar but in the end for me, regardless of all the technological advances, it was a great disappointment to me and I doubt that I will be spending any money on watching it or any of its sequels in the future.


2 responses to “Avatar

  1. It looked super-cheesy to me from the previews, so I don’t understand why everyone’s geeking out about it. Isn’t it just like Dances w/ Wolves, but the alien version? I read a good article on it somewhere… I have to find it. Something about how Avatar is a white man’s movie about how a white man wants the experience of living as a non-white, but w/ the option of opting out of that experience whenever he wants.

  2. baikeunsook

    I would love to read that article…it explains the movie perfectly.

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