After Mass last Sunday (yes, I know it’s a Sunday, but it’s freezing cold, the high was -2C and I hibernate in my apartment unless a friend drags me out or I have Mass) I went to Samcheongdong (I think I’m currently trying to have chocolate at every cafe in the area.) to pick up my Goguryeo hanbok.

hot "chocolate" and delicious cranberry butter cookies

But first I went to The Little Prince Cafe, I constantly walk by it on my way for waffles and am intrigued by it so Idecided to try it yesterday. The inside is nothing like the outside, outside scenes from the Little Prince are painted on the walls of the cafe, but on the inside there are rows and rows of floral pictures. It was a little disappointing to find that out. I ordered my usual hot chocolate and a macadamia cookie. Instead I received milk with some chocolate flavoring and the most delicious cranberry butter cookies that I have ever had in my life, so I’m really not complaining too much.

Then it was on to GGoo to pick up my dress. I had wanted to go with more “peasant” colors and color scheme, darker colors that were accented by slightly lighter shades. The woman who maded the dress looked and me and said that with my coloring I should go with more “aristocrat” colors and color scheme, brighter and more contrasting colors. I’m really glad that I listened to her. I’m kinda wincing in the pictures because the glass door is open and the raw silk of the hanbok is really light.

a look at my hanbook with and without the jogori

Oh and apparently on the Green line (Line 2), there’s a Christmas subway train. A really bad shot from inside another train.

if you squint you can see the Christmas train on Line 2


One response to “Samcheongdong

  1. I wanna get a dress made. 🙂

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