Boy Was I Wrong

Man I sure know how to pick them. Last year, I decided to apply to teach in the public school system here in Seoul, because I assumed since they have so many teachers, they would be better at communicating with at least each other and hopefully with their teachers.

Ummmm. Yeah….no.

Never mind that SMOE will not step in if one of their Native Speaking English Teachers (NSETs) is in a bad, abusive, racist situation unless it’s the end of the NSETs contract, because to do so would make the school lose face. Now if the NSET dies because of a co-teacher, then SMOE will step in.

So obviously with all the wonderful experiences that I have had this year with Singa Elementary School and SMOE, I didn’t re-sign, even though everyone wanted me to at least re-sign and transfer. And now more hilarity has ensued for me trying to leave at the end of my contract.

I am sincerely confused (and frustrated), because this process of trying to get my plane tickets and re-imbursement/compensation has been unbelievably complicated and confusing:

  1. I was told that I had to pay for my ticket out of my own pocket and I would be given $1300 as compensation. Then I was told that SMOE was paying for my flight.
  2. I was then told that I could be completely reimbursed.
  3. Then I was told it’ll take about three months when I came back, which I’m not re-signing.
  4. Then I was if I turn my paperwork in early it could be done early.
  5. Then I was told I can’t be paid back until the end of my contract.
  6. Now I’m told that SMOE doesn’t do international transfers. (and the man telling me this tells me some story about banks stamp their debit cards with a Visa logo so that they can be used overseas. Which I have no clue why he feels the need to tell me this story.)

Each day and encounter with SMOE and SMOE affiliated schools makes me happier and happier that I’m headed back to the States.

12 working days total, 21 camp days, 17 vacation days total, 73 days total in Korea.


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