Hospitals, Insurance, and Bedside manners

Luckily we (I) had my accident across the street from Song Pa Hospital. According to my kids I went flying through the air like in the movies and then I landed real hard, really hard. With all their screaming and shouting you would have thought I was bleeding out but happily there wasn’t a scratch on me.

So we went across the street to the hospital and after a bit I went in to see the doctor who wanted me to take a couple of x-rays, which I happily agreed. The x-ray machine that the hospital was exactly like the one that the private clinic in Morocco had, where the technician loaded the film into a drawer below the camera. I have to say that it was hard and extremely uncomfortable as a metal table would be. And somehow I seem to get in a transportation accident and then go to a hospital that has that kind of x-ray machine. Boo.

So the technician wasn’t sure if he could say anything to me in Korean, so he grabbed my injured hip and thigh and started to pull to reposition my left leg so that he could x-ray it properly, but of course it hurt like the blazes, so I kind of screamed and yelled, which frightened him and Min-hui. Then it was back to the doctor’s office to find out to my relief that nothing was broken or fractured (which is actually just slightly broken), but that I had a huge contusion on my hip and upper thigh and whiplash.

So now I have three different muscle relaxers that I have to take three times a day for the next couple of days and physical therapy, which they estimated would be about two weeks of about 15 minutes of laying on a vibrating/massaging bed, 5 minutes of ultrasound wave therapy (kinda of creepy feeling), and then 10 minutes of ultrasound suction cup therapy (which is ridiculously tickingly).

When I got home yesterday and after I had taken my first round of pills, I felt unbelievably good, thinking that I actually didn’t need to do anything else that tomorrow I would be back to normal. And then I woke up this morning and I hurt even more than I did after the accident. I dragged myself to school because it’s finals week and all the speaking tests have to be finished this week. And frankly I don’t trust KYY to do her job to any degree of compentency, so I doubt that she would do my job too.

The principal, vice-principals, and my supervisor were all completely against my working today but wouldn’t really say that they thought that KYY would be able to do my job. So the compromise was that I would do all my 5th grade classes today, then go to the hospital, then home, and Friday I wouldn’t come in at all. Which I said fine to, because I don’t trust KYY with the students, but I trust Ji-hye.

So as I enter the classroom, there were two boys fighting on the floor, one boy was CHOKING the other, right in front of KYY and she was doing nothing. Nothing. And when I told the boys to break it up, she had this “what?” look on her face. So I redid all the tests in the hallway, she decided that she needed to leave for ten minutes, it was getting progressively louder, so I stepped inside to see more students fighting with each other. I think I broke up five fights today with KYY either not in the room (which she legally has to be in the classroom with me because she has liability insurance and I don’t) or watching me break up the fights.

And as big as Singa is, everyone knew that I had been hurt yesterday, which obviously (?) the kids who had been on the bus were traumatised. One of the 5th grade girls who I was giving a speaking test to, looked at me strange when I asked her what she did yesterday and then quickly said that she went to COEX.

I was wiped out by the afternoon, apparently whiplash will sneak up on you, and I was not in the mood for the insurance fight. Min-hui called the bus insurance company (apparently the bus driver was decided to be at fault) four times and they never called her back with the policy number, so I said that I was going home because I was tired and in pain. A good number of people were worried that I was causing myself permanent damage by coming to work today, and when I refused to pay for the treatments out of my own pocket, the vice principal called someone and now the bus company’s insurance has given me all the needed information so that I don’t have to pay out of my own pocket. So here’s to a less eventful end of my contract.

P.S. I now only have 3 more possible teaching days with KYY and 16 more working days at Singa Elementary School!


One response to “Hospitals, Insurance, and Bedside manners

  1. I honestly don’t know how you did it. I suppose if I were in your situation, I’d handle it the same way, but my goodness. Ugh.

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