So yesterday (at least my yesterday) was not a good day. I was supposed to go to an English co-teaching workshop with two of my co-teachers (my supervisor begged off because of concerns about swine flu and her unborn child), Min-hui and Ji-hye. As we’re waiting for the bus, about fifteen of my students who are science guides along with one of the fifth grade homeroom teacher that is in charge of them and KYY (free movie, no work…count her in) come to the same bus stop.

All the kids want to talk to me and my other co-teachers and they’re somewhat excited to see 2012. We all get on the same bus, my two co-teachers and I sit in the very back on the long seat bench and two fourth grade boys  sit on my other side. Not too long after we started moving, one of the boys starts to complain about not feeling well, I feel his head and he’s burning up, I turn to ask my co-teacher what does she think, when the bus has an accident (the bus driver says the car cut him off and the car’s driver says the bus was going at the wrong time) and I went flying. I went from the back of the bus to landing in the middle of the bus near the exit doors. Literally at the feet of KYY.

So the bus and car pull over to the side and start arguing over whose at fault. I’m trying to walk it off and go on to this inetibably terrible meeting, but I can’t fully put my weight on my left side and I just plain hurt. The fifth grade teacher who I’ve never heard speak English until yesterday, is struggling to ask if I’m okay, where do I hurt, and that I should go to the doctor. She, Min-hui, and Ji-hye are rushing on and off the bus trying to get all the insurance information that I need to have my medical bills paid for. Three strange men (as in men I don’t know) are offering me assistance to the nearest hospital, checking if I’m okay, making sure that I have all the minor details that will make sure that one of the drivers pays for my medical expenses. The students are upset and yelling out Karen teacher, hurt, are you okay, basically any medical word in English they can think of, some are even calling their parents for advice.

The entire time this is going on KYY is running on and off the bus trying to find out the next bus that will take them to COEX because she doesn’t want to miss a minute of 2012. And she wanders why I don’t think highly of her and why she doesn’t have friends.


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