The 2nd Week of Advent

Have a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

It’s the second week of Advent and in many ways like all my Chrstimases abroad, it doesn’t really feel like Christmas. Myeong Dong Cathedral is still Myeong Dong Cathedral, there aren’t any Christmas decorations, the manger isn’t even set up. Most places outside of Samcheongdong don’t have lights or trees or anything really holiday festive. The streets/stores aren’t blaring Christmas music in any language, Korean or English.

Easter is by far my favorite holiday, not because it’s the closest to my birthday and the mounds of chocolate that somehow are linked to the holiday, but because it reminds me of why I’m Catholic and why I live my life the way I try to.

But there’s something about Christmas, the lights, the sounds, the smells that makes Christmas so unqiuely irreplaceable. I do like the fact that I’m abroad I really don’t have any pressure to buy gifts, and expensive gifts, for anyone, but I do miss the other trappings of Christmas, the cookies, the candy canes, the charitable causes, everything that reminds you about the Christmas spirit.

Have a wonderful rest of Advent and a joyous Christmas to all three people that read my blog! 🙂


2 responses to “The 2nd Week of Advent

  1. I miss baking cookies… oh, Karen, where is an oven when we need it?????

  2. My favorite is Easter, too. Yes, I love Christmas, but Easter touches me more deeply. There’s so much joy in being able to sing “Alleluia” again after 40 days/nights of not singing it, and so much joy in proclaiming, “He is risen!” 🙂

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