Samcheongdong Marathon

I have this friend, Shauna, and we have this habit, maybe because we see each other so infrequently, about once a month, once every two months, something like that, that when we do hang out, it’s a ten-hour or so marathon of talking about everything under the sun, politics, culture, food, movies, work, personal lives, etc. that usually includes at least one food place, maybe more. And at the end of the day, we still want to talk to each other.

So we met around the King Sejong plaza yesterday around 1pm…and the marathon began. Because I had an appointment to pick up my dress at 2pm, we went to the Africa Musuem of Art, nearby Coser. I had spied it the Saturday before when I first went to Coser and I knew that I could happily drag Shauna to see the exhibit, Invasion of African Art, which featured Joseph Cartoon of Kenya and Ndoye Douts of Senegal.

the cool wallpaper of the impromptu tea room

African woodworking is generally not the most romantic, nor the most technically skilled pieces  that I have ever been able to see in my life so far, but for the most part they are the most magnetic and the most fascinating. We were then treated to a cup of rooibos tea but the operators of the museum in a room on the roof of the museum, which was filled with more paintings and statutes. The curator was telling us that long necks are coveted because the longer your neck, the closer you are to God.

Then it was on to Coser, which we ended up interrupting their lunch…oops, sorry…it was quite amusing (I’m sure) that while we were waiting for someone to come unlock the door, I saw my dress and got a bit excited. NOTE: there’s something wrong with me…I can’t pose for pictures without looking terrible…I’m looking the wrong way, my eyes are “closed”,  I’m uncomfortable, etc., but take a picture when I’m not looking (or not trying) and it looks nice.

my fusion hanbok, beautiful isn't?

Regardless how you feel about smiling in photos, or more specifically me smiling in photos, the real star of the photo is the fusion hanbok, I dare you to say otherwise. Unbelivable isn’t it?

Then it was sujebi time! Which for some reason took way to long to order because I forgot the word for shellfish and they really didn’t want to take the shellfish out of the sujebi. And one of the waitresses kept on adding kal-guk-su to our bill. Regardless, we eventually got our food and it was delicious!

Then it was on to my favorite unnamed cafe for their wonderful waffle ice cream plate. It only requires one word: yummy! We sat there for several hours, by the time we left it was 9pm.

waffle ice cream...yummy as always!

Then an extremely quick dinner at McDonalds and eventually we left about a quarter to 11pm. Just another one of our marathons! 🙂 She’s one of the very few people in Seoul that I will venture outside when it’s snowing and freezing cold for…it’s so wonderful to have such a great friend like that!


One response to “Samcheongdong Marathon

  1. Awwww… ice cream waffles at Samcheongdong. Oh, the memories! Glad you had fun — love seeing your hanbok progress. 🙂

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