I think without a doubt my favorite place to spend the day wandering around in and out of shops and people watching is Sam-cheong-dong in the center of Seoul. And that’s sadly because of its western feel, book cafes, cafes, places to sit outside, galleries, eclectic feel, it appeals to me.

Now that the Christmas season is officially here, different cafes, restaurants, galleries, etc. have gotten into the Christmas spirit, my favorite was Nono.

Nono's all dressed up for the Christmas season

Bear chefs in the window will always get my attention.

I was walking by the Gallery Jinsun when several paintings by Kim Young Hoon caught my eye, so of course I had to go in. And to my delight I just caught the end of Lee Won-Chul’s latest photo exhibit, Industrial Starlight, although you may remember his The Starlight exhibit from a couple of years ago, which focused on these eery landscapes below the twilight/dusk skyline. Industrial Starlight focuses on different buildings and industrial machinery backdropped by the twilight/dusk skyline. And because this is Korea, I got a free coffee table book of some of Lee Won-Chul’s latest work.

Then it was on to Gallery Kong to see Min Jung-yeon’s Bul-ahn-hahn Ah-reum-da-um exhibit, basically think M.C. Escher mets Salvador Dali mets bodily organs. Although I have to say my favorite painting of hers was Apres-midi amer, which reminded me more of a Kandinsky than an Escher or Dali


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