Desert Pizza Society

I wanted to try a new place to eat and so I wound up at Desert Society Pizza in Samcheongdong. Although I wish that I had gone at night because I think the light fixtures probably make the restaurant even more original, it was still eye catching during the drizzily afternoon.

the interior of Desert Pizza Society

I had a pot of blueberry rooibos tea, which tasted as good as it smelled. The perfect day for a gray day filled with constant sprinkles.

ooooooooh blueberry rooibos tea..

After some pondering I decided on the rucola and parmesan Napoli-style pizza. The single serve was enough for me, but I did wish there was someone to share with me so that I could have had a salad too. The pizza was cooked in a pizza oven right there in the open and the presentation was unique (but I have my doubts that the candle did anything but look nice). The pizza wasn’t the greatest, but it wasn’t the worst, the sauce was a bit watery, the bread was a bit doughy and a bit soggy, and there was too much rucola that it wasn’t wilted by the residual heat of the pizza. Overall I would say that it was decent.

Rucola and Parmesan Pizza


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