Friday headlines

Some interesting headlines that have nothing to do with anyone trying to get 15 minutes of fame:

Houston will become the third U.S. city to host a World Bank Group post.  It makes sense – and not because I call Houston home – because to get a flight to South America, the two main U.S. international airports that you use are Miami and Houston.

I do realize that Governor Rick Perry has proposed some of the exact same things and some things that are very similar to the items that Kay Bailey Hutchison just proposed to improve public education in Texas. But nothing has actually come to fruition under Perry, and Hutchison I feel could actually do most of what she promises, without using up every resource that Texas has, unlike Perry, who really is just floating on the gas & oil and the technology industries in Texas as he’s spent the reserves that Bush left.

I don’t necessarily agree with the statements about the Bush administration, but I agree that this is a better way to gain justice for victims.

I’m not exactly sure how much better the environment in California will be with the new TV energy consumption standards, but it definitely can save people money and technology should not only push the standards to improve life but it should also be able to improve in costs other than money-wise.


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