Hanbok Shopping

Since I’m leaving Korea in February, I thought that I should get at least one hanbok, preferably one traditional one and one fusion one. Of course, since it’s me that we’re talking about, I, of course, dislike the Joseon style hanbok, which is the “current” traditional style of hanbok that almost everyone associates with Korea. And to march to the beat of a different drum compared to everyone else, of course, I like the hanboks from Goguryeo dynasty better, which of course are hard to find, you have to get them custom made.

Here is a link for the Goguryeo style that I like, which is much different than the current Joseon style, which I dislike a lot. It’s something to do with the Empire style waist and bust of the dress and jacket, which if you raise your arms too high, you end up showing things that don’t need to be seen. And this is the fusion dress that I like.


As I was wondering around Sam-cheong-dong this afternoon, I stumbled across this tiny shop that looked like a fusion hanbok shop, called Ggoo.

Ggoo in Sam-cheong-dong

Which to my delight not only was it a fusion shop but everything was in the simple, modern style that I like. I found a long black satin skirt for about $150, as seen in the terrible picture below:

my new black fusion skirt

and a black fusion (angora ??) wool jacket that I can wear with a hanbok or with western clothes.

my fusion hanbok jacket

So the woman who owns Ggoo decided that she liked me and said that she would make the hanbok that I want for about $600 for raw silk or about $500 for traditional hanbok satin. !!!!

So I have an appointment for next week to get measured and to go over color patterns, any suggestions?


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