Monday Links

Here are some interesting links that I found this morning before school started and this afternoon, when I took so time off from being a hard-working teacher, mostly because I wasn’t in the mood to do any real work and I had to argue over respecting my contract.

St. Michael Society is a blog/group focusing on defending and promoting the Catholic faith in the public square, they have some interesting articles and links on the current health care debates going on in the States. Interesting fact: 1 in 6 Americans are treated at a Catholic hospital and 95% of religious doctors said they would quit rather than do any medical procedure that goes against their faith or ethics.

Pam Stenzel has an amazing story: her mother was raped when she was fifteen-years-old, instead of having an abortion, she carried Pam to term, gave birth and then put her up for adoption, because she was fifteen. Now Pam tours the world giving lectures on sex, abstinence, the costs of sex, etc.

An interesting take on the current vampire craze by Fr. Robert Barron.

Fallible Blogma is an eclectic take on pretty much every thing although it calls itself a Catholic blog on Catholic issues. Apparently in September they called for Support a Catholic Speaker, which highlighted a bunch of Catholic speakers and activists.

On not a religious note, the Houston Chronicle just endorsed Annise Parker for Houston’s next mayor. I have the negative feeling that most of the endorsement has to do with her being a democrat and possibly her personal life.

My Cardinal Daniel DiNardo has just been elected to chair the US Council of Catholic Bishops’ Committee for Pro-Life Activities! I have such an awesome Cardinal!


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