Sailing For Life: Korean War Photo Display

Sailing For Life

Sailing For Life

In front of the King Sejong Plaza, there’s a photo exhibit chronicling the Korean War from the recognization of the Republic of Korea being the only acknowledged independent country on the pensinsula, to the voting during some of the UN resolutions, to the war itself and the other countries that helped the Republic of Korea during the war.

"We should remember that Korean War is brought to an end, but to an armistice and should strengthen the public perception of National Security.

Not all the pictures were of great quality, but what do you expect from black and white film from the 1950s, especially ones that were blown up, etc.? There were some facts that I didn’t know like the SS Meredith Victory holds the Guiness World Record for a single vessel rescue operation by rescuing 14,000 evacuees from North Korea, having 5 successful births on board, while not losing a single soul even though the ship did not have any food or water or space (really) for the occupants.

a note from one of the evacuees on the SS Meredith Victory

That of the North Korean and Mainland Chinese POWs, only about 3% were repatriated back into North Korea or Mainland Korea, the other 97%  remained in South Korea or went to Republic of China (Taiwan, if I remember my Asian flags history correctly). And all of the countries that aided South Korea during the war, especially that Ethiopian sent a field battalion to help out.

the 54 countries that supported South Korea during the Korean War

At the end of the photo display, there was this photo from space that captured the power usage in Eastern Asia, you could figure out exactly where Seoul, Beijing, Tokyo, and Osaka were, as well the shorelines of China, South Korea, and Japan, but except for the faint blob fromPyeongyang, you would have thought that South Korea was an island.


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