I met with Yeo Jin, my boss from the summer camp that I worked with at Joong Dae Elementary School, for lunch, because of busy schedules, we really haven’t been able to hang out too much. I had a craving for juk, but after walking around for a while, we passed a little curry and coffee place, Rosa’s.

the inside of Rosa's

Inside, it was a really cute littel place with plants, cushy seat cushions, rubix cubes on tables, and just all-around cuteness. We decided to have the chicken curry, which was a nice amount of rice with two baked deboned chicken thighs on the side and we both had our own gravy boat of curry. The curry had a nice spice to it, it wasn’t too spicy, with a couple of random pieces of vegetables.

Chicken Curry

After lunch, I choose the strawberry tea, which I’m pretty sure that came from a base made from dried strawberries. It was a nice sweet, but not overly sweet tea. I’d like to go there again before I leave.

strawberry tea


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