Top 10 Countries To Visit in 2010

Lonely Planet has just released its predictions for the Top 10 travel destinations for 2010.

I’ve been to two of the countries that made the list, although I cheated a bit, since I’m an American. And I have to be honest Suriname, was a complete shock to me, mostly because I’ve never heard about it. And from the description, it sounds like a must-see place, all though except for Medjugorje, LP always has flattering write-ups.

Portugal, Germany, and Greece are all still on my list of places to go, especially Germany because I want to visit Augsburg after seeing the amazing metalworks at the museums in Russia.

Malaysia, Nepal, and New Zealand really aren’t on my radar because I’m much more of a museum-gallery-architecture kinda of girl and those places are more outdoorsy kinds of places.

But since I’ll be going to school and working, I’m not sure what exactly I’ll be doing as far as travel plans in 2010. 2011, however is a completely different story: Spain and Pope Benedict!!!


2 responses to “Top 10 Countries To Visit in 2010

  1. You plan on going to WYD in Spain, too?! So are Sean & I! 🙂

  2. baikeunsook

    At this moment I’m planning on it, we’ll see what happens.

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