Destination: Next Stop…

So after careful thinking and praying…I decided not to renew my contract with my school or to transfer to another public school in the SMOE world.

I’m headed back to the States, to actually leave there, as in a permanent base, and not only a one-year home.

I could stay and get a another job with another school. I could even find a job in Europe and be happy there. But I’m tired of moving from place to place year after year. I really am a “nester” at heart.

As for Korea, the way that Korean Korean society has grown and changed over the years (this from my priest who came from Ireland right after the civil war “ended”), the biggest problem that the country faces is not speaking a language that 50 million people in the world or not speaking English well-enough, it’s the way they treat kyopos and over-seas Koreans (and Koreans who aren’t “pure”), as well as “foreigners” from poorer countries than Korea or who look completely different from Koreans.

Until the way that they see the world, the other people of the world, and their own culture in context to the world, it makes the importation of English teachers and the goal of making Korea a “global” nation unattainable. Sure the marketing companies that the government can hire to attract the goal of one million tourists for 2010 can advertise the heck out of Korea, but even more important than the money that the tourists spend, the souvenirs that the tourists take back with them, is the impressions and the memories.

Being denied a ride in a taxi; service at a shop, restaurant, etc.; or even being treated like an animal in the zoo aren’t things that tourists want to experience while on vacation in another country.

I’m not saying that Korea is a completely bad place, but there are a lot of warts that I’ve seen or experienced first hand, most of which because I am kyopo and because I was born here and lived here long enough to be registered. Not to mention peoples reactions to me for being an orphan and adopted.

And so I return to the United States…

Yes, the States has its own set of warts and injustices, but like every other country, it has its own wonderful, unique qualities. And the more I think about moving back to the States the happier I get and the less stressed I get.

So I’m in the middle of applying to a teacher’s program in Houston, which I hope to be done with at the end of June, provided of course that I pass my courses and tests, and then get a job for the upcoming school year.

I’m excited to start a new chapter in my life and sadly, yes, to call a place home and to unpack all my things and not have to worry about moving in twelve months or less. 🙂


One response to “Destination: Next Stop…

  1. How funny. I feel the opposite. I want to be in a new place doing new things all the time. All the freaking time. My bipolar wanderlust is definitely in manic mode.

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