Wonderful Afghanistan

While I was waiting for the Thanksgiving lunch at Myeong Dong Cathedral to begin, I wondered around Jongno in the drizzle and stumbled on the last day of a photo exhibit called Wonderful Afghanistan. And it was open, actually early in the morning for a Sunday morning in Seoul.


Museum of Fine Art...I blame the blurriness on trying to juggle an umbrella and take a photo at the same time

The photos were stunning in many different ways. Some were of unbelievably brillantly colored scenes. Some were of heartbreakingly sad, like the little girl who had this look in her eyes that she knew she had a hard life ahead of her, or the boys using a brokendown tank for a playground, or the little boy no older than eight years old pretending to shoot other kids with a plastic gun wearing an expression of joy that I always associated with children in the States who dream and dream about a particular present and the happiness they have when they finally get that present.
All in all, it was a beautiful exhibit and if you get the chance, go see it.

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