Godard Cinema Bar

I watched the first half of the Double Bill at the Godard Cinema Bar, located in Hongdae, last Sunday. It’s a very kitchy kind of place, all mismatched furniture and tables, random stuff on the walls.


Godard Cinema Bar

The movie that I watched there was a 2003 film, Les Invasions barbares, directed by Denys Arcand. It was an interesting look at cancer, the way that cancer patients and their families feel helpless, the suffering that is hard to aleve, and how can you reconcile your life when you have a definite timeline that you know. It was interesting to see a family struggle throughout the film with cancer, death, and life. I don’t know if heroin is necessarily the right way to aleve the pain that someone with cancer is going through. The only thing that I didn’t like about the movie was although the title was explained, it didn’t fit with the rest of the movie. Other than that it was an enjoyable movie.

Directions: Go out of Exit 4, turn immediately right onto the food vendor street. Walk two blocks. Turn left at the corner (you should see an Ergo Coffee). Cross the turnabout and stay to the right. The Godard Cinema Bar is on the left.


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