Yes, We Really Have Arrived At This Point

It’s taken me a while to write, because I wanted to think about how I felt, really think.

I was informed on Friday that apparently the school (Singa Elementary School) has absolutely no power when it comes to its teachers. KYY isn’t certified to teach in Seoul, but because she’s Korean and has certification for a region somewhere in Korean (Ulsan), her request to extend her 12-month temporary contract is 99% guaranteed to be approved. Thanks to her being caught at least five times not doing her job and being insubordinate, she’s really low on the school’s like list, however this is meaningless, because she’s stated to someone with power that she really wants to stay at Singa, that Singa is her number one choice. And it’ s pretty much been granted.

If you’ve read the previous entries that involve her, you know why it’s impossible for me to stay…almost hitting me with her car, hitting me a couple of times with her desk drawer on purpose, lying to me, lying about me, etc.

I gave my ultimatum and my supervisor thought that I was bluffing, I don’t bluff, probably because I’m a crappy liar and let my guilty conscious win. Regardless the reason that I don’t bluff, I’ve thought about it and it’s not worth the stress, the tears, the anger, and the worries about my safety for me to stay, even if I love teaching the kids here.

So the decision is now: a) transfer to another school, b) return to Europe (I loved it there), or c) move back (finally) to the States.

It’s been such a negative experience working with KYY, that leaving Korea is ranking pretty high on my to-do list for 2010. I’m not too sure that I’d be able to get a job teaching children in Europe and teaching adults again, isn’t too high on my list. I’m pretty sure that I could get into a teaching program in Texas for ESL fairly easy, but the thing is timing, I’m not sure how long I would have to substitute, because the Korean school year ends in February, which is too late to join most programs, I think.

Ugh. Decisions. Decisions.

And also the issue of where I’m going to live, etc. Feel free to pray for me.


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