Halloween 2009

I dislike Halloween, it’s my least favorite American holiday, as far as I’m concerned, the only redeeming parts of Halloween is bottlecaps (the candy, especially the root beer flavor one…what can I say, I’m somewhat a root beer addict) and the really little kids cutely dressed up as princesses, pumpkins, pirates, cats, dogs, etc. Other than those two points Halloween is a terrible holiday.

My earliest memories of Halloween include Steven, my adoptive brother, hiding out in the Halloween isles in Wal-mart, halfway dressed in some random Halloween costumes that usually included a grotesque mask and some blood or fangs or something that was guaranteed to scare the crap out of me.

VFW stage

First Round Heroes had an early afternoon show at the VFW near Itaewon, so of course I went, so I could go to bed at a decent time and not have to pay a taxi home. The VFW was nice,but on the small side. I felt bad for the boys because the light was hitting them directly in the eyes and John’s stuff kept on breaking down. After the show, Josh and the owner/operator of the VFW (mainly) and John (sort of) messed around with the broken amp trying to figure out what was wrong and how to fix it. Jun-mo, his friend and I watched on, not really understanding what was going on. So Craig, a Brit, decided that a joke would appropriate: How many Americans does it take to fix a broken amp? haha very original.

Josh stalling while John fixes his guitar

Because it was Halloween, basically the entire street was turned into a temporary version of 6th Street in Austin, the lovely smells of food floating in the air, music (some good and some not so great) coming out of different bars and restaurants, and people dressed up as whatever they felt, appropriate or not. If you comfortably wear clothes that are size 14, you shouldn’t wear something that is a size 3, please don’t.

And that was Halloween 2009. Other than the terrible, terrible band playing at Orange Tree and the on-and-off rain, it was a nice afternoon/early evening.


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