If Fox Is Really That Bad…

With all the hoopla that the White House is feuding with FoxNews, over fair and unbiased information, which I personally find hilarious because CNN and MSNBC are anything, but fair and unbiased. I mean the faces and comments that the anchors and hosts on CNN and MSNBC say about Republicans and right-leaning individuals are nothing but unfair, rude, and biased. I do a gree that FoxNews is biased…but they don’t pretend to be anything but a Republican/right-leaning news channel to combat the Democratic/left-leaning CNN and MSNBC.

So it was interesting in reading an article about how some Democrats are more than okay with being on FoxNews because they feel that Fox is more than willing to hear the other side, even if it goes against the right-side’s opinion. Lanny Davis made a comment that Fox by far has more left-leaning guests than any of the competitors.

And the collection of responses that Politico is a mix of yes and nos to its question, ‘Is FoxNews legit news?’

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